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When working with external Layers, which are loaded into a Map by reading spatial data sources, one of the usual problems is the modification (change of name, change of location, etc.) of these data sources Spatial Manager Desktop™ includes a... more

Many people, who have downloaded the beta versions over the last few weeks, have asked us for the price of the Spatial Manager™ products. Here is the estimated price list for commercial editions, which will become available in the coming... more

Using base maps (roads, aerial, etc.) from imagery providers allows, not only the composition of more attractive Maps in mapping applications, but also the use of these base images as a practical reference system or a powerful tool for checking on the... more

A new release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD (0.9.9 beta) was launched yesterday (April 9, 2014) including AutoCAD 2015 compatibility. Try it or update your application Do you need to import spatial or GIS data into AutoCAD 2015? This is your... more

Spatial Manager Desktop™ considers the coordinate systems of the Layers in a Map to get a real view of their Features which will be projected according to the coordinate system of the MapWhen working with an application that includes... more

A new release of Spatial Manager Desktop™ (0.9.9 beta) and a new release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD (0.9.8 beta) were launched on March 27. Try them or update your applications Spatial Manager Desktop™ product... more