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Spatial Manager Training: Unlocking the full potential

Year after year, the capabilities of Spatial Manager continue to expand, offering an ever-growing range of features. While the software’s user interface remains intuitive, the application’s possibilities and available options have multiplied. Recognizing the need to help users fully harness... more

Network and Multi activation licenses available

Some improvements have been included in the ‘Spatial Manager’ web store, allowing the availability of more application license types (Network, Multi activation, etc.) covering a wider range of user needs depending on their installations and schemes of operation of their... more

BricsCAD 23 ready - Spatial Manager 8.1

The recently released version 8.1 of ‘Spatial Manager’ is the first one compatible with BricsCAD 23. This new version includes some of the greatest news and enhancements incorporated in this application thus far. From Thematics Maps and Geo-coding functions to... more

Spatial Manager for BricsCAD 21 compatible

‘Spatial Manager for BricsCAD’ version 6.3 is BricsCAD 21 compatible. In this version, released a few days ago, you will also find some interesting improvements and new features, such as the new Direct Export functionality or the revamped ‘Transform of... more

Spatial Manager for BricsCAD 20 compatible

The new ‘Spatial Manager’ version 6 is BricsCAD 20 compatible. In addition to other interesting improvements and new features, you will find the new Terrains, Contours and Elevations technology. Download it and enjoy from today the enhancements and new functions... more

Spatial Manager for BricsCAD 19 compatible

A new ‘Spatial Manager’ version (5.1) has been recently released. In addition to other interesting new features, this release is ‘BricsCAD 19’ compatible. Download it and enjoy from today the enhancements and new functions included in ‘BricsCAD 19’ and... more