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Accessing user Datasets (NL PDOK sample)

In this post we will review the tools provided by ‘Spatial Manager’ for accessing geographic dataset services, both imagery and vector. This example will use some of the datasets provided by PDOK (Netherlands), where you can find open government data... more

Airbus OneAtlas imagery in Spatial Manager

‘Airbus OneAtlas’ service provide access to high-resolution satellite imagery, innovative geospatial analytics and industry-specific insights. This post explains how to configure ‘Spatial Manager’ Background Maps in order to dynamically access OneAtlas imagery from your maps or drawings in AutoCAD, BricsCAD,... more

Enhanced Background Maps. WMS & WMTS services

One of the functions most appreciated by ‘Spatial Manager’ users is the management of the Background Maps (‘BG Maps’) based on imagery downloaded in real time from map services or cartographic servers. The version 4 of this applications suite... more