One of the functions most appreciated by ‘Spatial Manager’ users is the management of the Background Maps (‘BG Maps’) based on imagery downloaded in real time from map services or cartographic servers. The version 4 of this applications suite released on October 2017, significantly improves the potential of the ‘BG Maps’ technology

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When the ‘BG Maps’ window opens, the user can now find more preset maps distributed in more groups inside in a bigger window (see the image below)

In addition, this window now includes the Button ‘Configure Background Maps’ and the option ‘Zoom to the map’. The first button will take you to the parameter windows of some preset ‘BG Maps’ or to the configuration of the ‘User BG Maps’. Previously, this was only accessible from the application settings (or options)

The new option ‘Zoom to the map’ is here in order to instruct the Application on how to zoom to the optimal ‘View’ when showing a ‘BG Map’ in your drawing or map, according to the criteria detailed in the corresponding article of any product Technical Wiki (links to for: Desktop / AutoCAD / BricsCAD)

SPM BG Maps v.4

Enhanced ‘User Background Maps’

The ‘BG Maps‘ technology in ‘Spatial Manager’ allows you not only to use the preset Maps, but also to configure your own ‘User BG Maps’ taking advantage of any accessible WMS, WMTS or XYZ/TMS Map service. New:

  • Support for Multi-Layer, Transparent, Dimension (date, time, etc.) and Axis-inverted Maps
  • Define authentication parameters (user, password, etc.) if needed
  • Unique identifier for each Map, which allows you to define different Maps sharing the same name into different Groups
  • Define the Maps using any available Coordinate System (CRS). The ‘Automatic’ option “automatically” configures the Map CRS just like the current document CRS, and will reload it whenever there are CRS changes
  • Supported Map images defined using any available graphic format (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.) and any resolution image tiles (256×256, 512×512, etc.)
  • Two methods to download the images from a server: “Single image” or “Image tiles grid”
  • Configuring WMS 'User Background Maps'

    Configuring WMS ‘User Background Maps’

    Similar window when configuring WMTS 'User Background Maps'

    Similar window when configuring WMTS ‘User Background Maps’

    Please, go to the Wiki if you want to learn more about the ‘User BG Maps’:

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