Blog : CAD L3 (Advanced)

Usually in CAD, due to drafting processes, polygons are represented as closed polylines. This may be a problem when representing, visualizing or exporting to GIS formats (or even Google Earth) In this post we will explain how to easily create... more

The Tasks in Spatial Manager (AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD or Desktop) allows you to save any import process and its parameters and have been designed to let you run, whenever you want, repetitive processes for import geo data. Since it is... more

WFS data servers provide the ability to access vector spatial information via a remote connection. Although you can use ‘Spatial Manager’ User Data Sources (UDS) to access this type of servers, it is interesting to know that these servers... more

User Data Sources (UDS) have been developed inside every product of the Spatial Manager™ suite mainly to access spatial databases and spatial stores, but they can also be used to access spatial data files including their own connection parameters Access to... more