Year after year, the capabilities of Spatial Manager continue to expand, offering an ever-growing range of features. While the software’s user interface remains intuitive, the application’s possibilities and available options have multiplied. Recognizing the need to help users fully harness the power of Spatial Manager, CAD Deutschland now offers comprehensive training at two distinct levels (Germany)

Spatial Manager for BricsCAD

Spatial Manager for BricsCAD

Spatial Manager Quick Start (Crash Course)

For those seeking a quick and effective introduction to Spatial Manager, the three-hour crash course is the perfect option. This course is designed to accommodate both beginners who are new to the software and those who may have used it in the past but want a refresher to quickly get up to speed again

During the crash course, participants will become familiar with the user interface, discovering just how effortless it is to navigate. They will gain hands-on experience in working with Background Maps from various services such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, and Web Map Service (WMS). Furthermore, the course will cover the import of geodata from popular formats like ESRI Shapefiles, Google Earth files, ASCII files, and Web Feature Service (WFS) data. The training will also include instruction on coordinate transformation for DWG files. Finally, participants will learn the essential skill of exporting geodata into commonly used formats, thereby ensuring seamless integration with other applications

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Spatial Manager Complete Course

For those who desire a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Spatial Manager, the seven-hour complete course is highly recommended. This course caters to users who wish to delve deeply into the multifaceted capabilities of the application

Building upon the foundations covered in the crash course, the complete course explores more advanced topics, allowing participants to unlock the full potential of Spatial Manager. In addition to the basics, such as user interface navigation and working with Background Maps, this course delves into more intricate aspects. Participants will learn how to effectively handle Attribute Data through the Extended Entity Data (EED) feature, empowering them to analyze and manipulate complex datasets. Moreover, the course covers Location tools, enabling users to perform Spatial Queries and create Thematic Maps and Labels that enhance data visualization

In the complete course, participants will also gain proficiency in Data Analysis through tools such as Buffering, Dissolving, and Overlaying. These skills are vital for performing Spatial Operations and extracting meaningful insights from geodata. Additionally, the course provides comprehensive instruction on utilizing the Fields Calculator, a powerful tool that enables users to perform calculations and derive new attribute values based on specific criteria

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By offering both the crash course and the complete course, CAD Deutschland ensures that users at all levels can benefit from the training and maximize their proficiency with Spatial Manager. Whether you are a beginner seeking a quick start or an experienced user eager to explore advanced features, these training opportunities are tailored to meet your needs. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your spatial management skills and elevate your productivity with Spatial Manager!