Now, you can also find Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD available in Autodesk Exchange as a new App. Created by the community for the community, Autodesk Exchange Apps helps AutoCAD users to customize their software and to meet their unique and specific design needs

How reliable are the products in this store?

Autodesk Exchange is a software store which brings together developers and AutoCAD users. Great ideas and products come from all kinds of people and companies, and Autodesk Exchange Apps helps make it easier for great products to reach millions of AutoCAD users

Autodesk has reviewed and tested Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD to help ensure it is of suitable quality and that it follows certain usability requirements

What is the actual use of Autodesk Exchange as a store for AutoCAD products?

Autodesk Exchange creates a single marketplace where you can quickly find the utilities you need and has operated as a complementary software store for many years now (2.011). In addition, the latest versions of AutoCAD include direct access to Exchange from the interface of the application itself

On these grounds the use of the store grows daily:


Autodesk Exchange Statistic

How to access to the products in Autodesk Exchange?

You can key in the name of the product that you are looking for or to search by key word in its features Spatial Manager for AutoCAD in Autodesk Exchange

Then you can open up the product description page and read through the help file documentation. If it looks like what you need, you can click the download link

Spatial Manager for AutoCAD in Autodesk Exchange - Description

· Autodesk Exchange:  Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD – 32 bit English

· Autodesk Exchange: Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD – 64 bit English

When you download Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD what you get is the “Trial version” which allows you to try out the application for up to 30 days. When this period ends, or if you want to use the unlimited version, you need to purchase a commercial license of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD through the product prices page in the Spatial Manager™ website