In the coming days, we will be releasing the first commercial version of Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD. We are very proud of this innovative tool designed for BricsCAD users who need to import and manage spatial data and that includes many possibilities not seen so far in BricsCAD

It comes in a lightweight application that runs inside BricsCAD and that allows you to import geospatial data from spatial files, or spatial data servers, into BricsCAD drawings. If you are a BricsCAD user and you need to easily import graphical objects and alphanumeric data from Shapefiles (SHP), Google Earth (KML), OpenStreetMap, GPS (GPX), MapInfo MID/MIF or TAB, Esri (E00), SQLite, Autodesk SDF or DXF, and others, or from data servers, data stores or data connections such as SQL Server Spatial, PostGIS, WFS, ODBC and more, this is your tool

SPM BrcisCAD 15-2

Using a single palette in order to concentrate all the functionality of the application, its management is akin to that of other BricsCAD native palettes. From this palette you can set up your own data sources, launch the import processes for graphical objects and alphanumeric data and display them, because they are automatically converted to EED (Extended Entity Data) when imported

The “Import” window provides you with the ability to set up the most important parameters of the import process: how the imported objects will be distributed in different layers, which object types will be used in each case, the option to fill imported polygons using Hatches, the option to apply or not Transparencies automatically, the option to assign random colors to new created layers, etc.

The application uses the same import engine and the same internal structure that we have developed for Spatial Manager Desktop™ and therefore, it has its own data Providers, easily configurable Coordinate Transformations and several process information windows

We encourage you to review these first application features in the following video, and we recommend that you be aware of its release for download the free trial version in the next few days

Please, watch the video: