Label Z values in AutoCAD

Nearly all data providers included in Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD feature a large number of resources to optimize the import processes from the different data sources supported by the application... more

Release 1.0.4: OpenStreetMap background maps

A new release of Spatial Manager Desktop™ (1.0.4) including OpenStreetMap background maps was launched on October 3. Try it or update your application... more

Import 3D Shapefiles (SHP) in AutoCAD

Some 2D Shapefiles (SHP) may include 3D information inside its associated alphanumeric data table. For example, it is quite common to find the values ​​of the elevation and height of the polygon features inside some fields of the data table... more

New releases of Spatial Manager products

A new release of Spatial Manager Desktop™ (1.0.3) and a new release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD (1.0.2) were launched on September 3. Try them or update your applications... more

How to use the Spatial Manager Wiki?

As stated in the Support page of the Spatial Manager™ web, the Spatial Manager™ Wiki is the central, official source of documentation and learning material for Spatial Manager™ product suite users... more

Trick – Spatial Manager Desktop. Copy from Data grid

In applications that manage spatial data, it is very usual and useful to Copy or to Save alphanumeric data from data tables so it can be used in other Office, GIS or CAD applications... more