Extend the data to be imported from an ASCII file

When importing or loading points from spatial ASCII files (CSV, XYZ etc.), Spatial Manager™, like most applications which support these kinds of spatial data sources, includes only usual connection parameters... more

1000 downloads of Spatial Manager reached

Since the beta versions of the Spatial Manager™ suite of products were released on April 1, 2014, we have reached more than 1000 downloads through our website ... more

Share Maps with other Spatial Manager users

One of the main problems of sharing maps with other users, and to be able to send a compact information, is the need to likewise share the data sources of the Map... more

First commercial versions of Spatial Manager™ released

First commercial versions of various Spatial Manager™ suite products have been released on June 1, 2014. All the products will include a limited free trial version from now on... more

Search in Google Earth and use in AutoCAD

The diverse sources of global spatial data available nowadays provide extensive opportunities to get territorial information, which can complement generic drawings or maps. One such source is Google Earth... more

PostGIS or SQL Spatial data to basic AutoCAD? Sure

Ever more basic AutoCAD users, working in sectors such as architecture, engineering, or landscaping,, need access to spatial data as a base or complement to their own designs and projects... more