If you are working with ‘Spatial Manager’ v.3.3 or a later version, you can Label while importing linear elements (Polylines), just like you could with points elements (Points, Blocks, Polygon Centroids …) in previous versions of the application


Parameters window for Labels in AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Videos: AutoCAD / BricsCAD

A feature highly appreciated by the users of ‘Spatial Manager’ software is the option to Label the objects while importing into an AutoCAD or BricsCAD drawing

Labeling the Polylines allows the user place the appropriate texts next to roads, pipes, power lines, etc., along their paths by using “smart” technology: the Labels will be distributed and located depending on their own size and based on the length and angle of the Polylines segments

Through the “Import” parameters window for Labels you can choose the following:

· The data Field to Label

· The text Style

· The Height of the Labels, fixed or based on a data field value

· The Justification method

Note: the Rotation angle has no effect in this case because the Labels will be distributed, placed and rotated according to the Polyline segments size and direction

Do not forget the last but not least option that allows you to Insert only the Labels and omit the Objects. This may be a very useful trick when Labeling over Background Maps, over existing geometries or simply when you want only the Labels but not the Polylines (think about streets names without the streets axis or similar)