Export texts or labels from a DWG to Google Earth directly maintaining the layer and object colours. It is a very intuitive one-step process of publishing stylized geometries grouped by their layers with their names or other related data or annotations

Available for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and GstarCAD

1. Change text colors

  • Stylize your texts with your desired colors
  • Both layer or element colors will be used
Drawing with text objects

Drawing with text objects

2. Execute SPMCREATEKML command

  • Select all objects or filter by query or layer
  • For texts, select the default Flat objects option
  • If also polygons are exported, it is recommended to check Fill closed polylines, it will generate a better result for visualization on Google Earth
SPMCREATEKML command options

SPMCREATEKML command options

3. View in Google Earth

  • Review the result in Google Earth
  • The objects are grouped by layer names and geometry types

4. Change text size

  • In Google Earth the texts always have a predefined size that is relative to the view
  • If you need to highlight some element you can search the texts element, and on its properties scale up the default text size
  • Then on the Places left panel, find your KML/KMZ file and with the mouse secoundary button menu, click Save place as…
‘Spatial Manager’ coloured texts/labels in Google Earth

‘Spatial Manager’ coloured texts/labels in Google Earth

Note: Some functionalities can be found in the Standard or Professional editions only