As stated in the Support page of the Spatial Manager™ web, the Spatial Manager™ Wiki is the central, official source of documentation and learning material for Spatial Manager™ product suite users

The Wiki contains resources such as Tutorials to get you started, Technical solutions, Samples, Change logs for each version of each product, Frequently Asked Questions, and more. It is a “livedocument that is expanded and updated every day

This post shows you how to use this technical tool, so that you can get the most out of this documentation. The images shown herein belong to the documentation of Spatial Manager Desktop™, but the structure of the documents is similar to any other product

Every page in the wiki includes a Content index for ease of navigation through the page. The index can be hidden or shown


You will also find the Wiki Search tool very useful, which can help you to find any word throughout the Wiki documentation


For every product you can access the “Introduction” Wiki page. This page includes a short list of the main features of the product. You will also find here a demo video of the product and, in some cases, the resolution of typical scenarios using the application



The Technical information on every Application Topic is covered as Answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs), using the forms “How can I…”, “What is…”, and so on. The topics are grouped by chapters, using a thematic index. You can access the chapters through the “Introduction” Wiki page (bottom FAQs links)



The only chapter developed using a “User Guide” style is the “Interface” chapter. This chapter covers the basic topics about the application interface and the “first steps” for a new user. We strongly recommend you read this chapter first


At the end of every chapter you will find the “Related links”, which drive you to many related topics covered inside or outside the Wiki itself. For your convenience, we have also included here a link to the FAQs”, to avoid having to continually go to the “Introduction” page


Finally, you will find at the bottom of the Introduction page, a link to the Spatial Manager™ web, as well as access to the list of the news or changes for every application version (Changelog) and the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA)