From the first ‘Spatial Manager’ versions, access to vertical NearMap images has been included as a preset option through the dynamic Background Maps technology (as well as OpenStreetMap, Bing, MapBox, and others). Now you will also be able to enjoy and benefit of the impressive NearMap Oblique images

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High-quality NearMap Oblique

High-quality NearMap Oblique

For Australian and American users, NearMap Oblique offers a gallery of high resolution images showing any location from multiple directions. NearMap Oblique enrich your existing data and better contextualise your environment

As you can read on NearMap website, get a natural, on-the-ground perspective. No need to worry about vegetation cover or tall structures blocking your view

NearMap Oblique dynamic background maps in 'Spatial Manager'

NearMap Oblique dynamic background maps in ‘Spatial Manager’

In addition to the Vertical NearMap maps, you will now find in the NearMap tab of the Spatial Manager’s Background Maps the option to select Oblique for North, South, East and West orientations

As you pan or zoom in or out in your drawing or map, ‘Spatial Manager’ will automatically download from the server the images to be displayed for optimal quality, and you can quickly change the angle of the perspective to the four predefined orientations

In the above videos you can review a small example of how the application behaves with NearMap images. Take a look at them

Learn more about dynamic Background Maps in ‘Spatial Manager’:


  • In ‘Spatial Manager’ for CAD versions, the dynamic background Maps functionality is available in the Standard and Professional editions only
  • To access the NearMap high quality images, you need to be a registered user and have an API key, which you can enter in the ‘Spatial Manager’ Background Maps setup window:
  • Background Maps API Key setup

    Background Maps API Key setup (click on image to enlarge)