The new spring version of ‘Spatial Manager’ (v.5.2) is here. You will find interesting improvements in the management and usability of Dynamic Background Maps and Import/Export capabilities. In addition this new version is compatible with AutoCAD 2020 (and other Autodesk 2020 products), BricsCAD 19 and ZWCAD 2019

New options when capturing Background Maps: Custom area and OLE objects

New options when capturing Background Maps: Custom area and OLE objects

New features and improvements:

  • Data grid
    • A new button allows you display the table attached to the selected object(s)
    • “Forward” row navigation button is now also active even if only one object is selected
  • Background Maps
    • Now you can define a capture window, not just the full screen as in previous versions
    • Image captures can now also be inserted into the drawing as OLE objects
      • Related video and Blog post: See previous paragraph
    • You can select a background color or transparent background for WMS maps
    • New NearMap API has been updated, and NearMap oblique maps have been added
    • New option to select the coordinate system for XYZ/TMS maps
    • Support for XYZ/TMS maps whose origin is defined bottom-left (OSGeo Specification)
    • Now, in an empty unreferenced drawing, the map coordinate system is applied
  • Import / Export
  • Coordinate systems
    • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 9.6
    • More than 1300 Esri coordinate systems have been added to the application database
  • AutoCAD 2020, BricsCAD 19, ZWCAD 2019 compatible
  • … and more
  • Note: Some functionalities only apply to CAD versions, and some of them may be found only in the Standard or Professional editions

    Take a look at the application Changelogs in order to review the complete list of News, Improvements and Fixes in this version:

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