The first commercial version (and the free trial version) of ‘Spatial Manager™ for ZWCAD’ is already available for download. This ZWCAD application is born as an innovative tool for ZWCAD users who need to manage geospatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way, and includes many possibilities not seen so far in ZWCAD

Spatial Manager for ZWCAD

Spatial Manager for ZWCAD

Import, export, manage data and tables, background maps, selection queries, etc., are the main features in ‘Spatial Manager for ZWCAD’, as you will see in the following videos:

Importing 1 (SHP, GPX, KML, …)

Importing 2 (Shapefile)

Importing 3 (CSV)

Importing 4 (OpenStreetMap)


Dynamic Background Maps

User Background Maps (WMS, …)

Publishing to Google Earth

Data Management

Queries and Selections

Data sources

Interested in ‘Spatial Manager for ZWCAD’? More information:

Download (commercial and free trial)

Product page

Technical Wiki:

Application introduction

How to start?

FAQs (Wiki-style User Guide)

Technical Pages (Usual importing processes):

Import coordinates from Excel to ZWCAD

Import CSV into ZWCAD

Import points into ZWCAD


How to import Shapefiles into ZWCAD

_Import KML to ZWCAD

Ordnance Survey in ZWCAD_