When working with external Layers, which are loaded into a Map by reading spatial data sources, one of the usual problems is the modification (change of name, change of location, etc.) of these data sources

Spatial Manager Desktop™ includes a smart search technology to find missing data sources. Using this technology, the user enters a minimum amount of information when a set of data sources goes through the same type of change

For example, if a set of spatial files, which includes the information of the external Layers of a Map, is moved to another folder, the user just needs to enter the new location of one of these files and Spatial Manager Desktop™ will try to find the remaining files in the same location. Other examples could be the edition of a Shortcut, modifying a User Data Source (UDS), etc.

In the example shown in this video, a Map is composed and saved using some external Layers from Shapefiles (SHP files), which are then moved to another folder. Notice how this technology works, by locating spatial files and what information is provided to the user once the complete Map loading operation is performed

Please, watch the video: