The “Select by query” tool included in ‘Spatial Manager’ allows you to achieve object selections in the map or drawing based on a query over the alphanumeric data associated with the objects. From version 5 this tool let you to select the data values from a list of available values for each data

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Choosing data values when querying

Choosing data values when querying

As you can see in the videos above, this option will also allow you to search among the available values

In addition, it is useful to review a number of important possibilities within this function:

  • Multiple value comparison options, such as Contains, <, >, Not equal, etc.
  • You can construct complex queries by applying the “And” / “Or” logical operators
  • Apply the query over the whole map or drawing, or to the current selection only
  • Define a new selection or add the selected objects to the current selection
  • Learn more about selecting objects by defining object data queries:

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  • Spatial Manager Desktop
  • Note for CAD applications: “Selecting by Query” feature is available in the Standard and Professional editions only