Inside one of the most important ‘Spatial Manager’ functionalities, the Import/Export of geospatial data, has recently been included a new option in order to exporting directly from a data source to any other target. This new function avoids the previous import to a drawing and later export of objects from this drawing, which allows you to process fast exports and simplifies the generation of databases from various geospatial data sources

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'Spatial Manager' Direct Export

'Spatial Manager' Direct Export

This new function, which can be found in the contextual menu of any file or data table in the main application palette, has been implemented in the CAD versions (AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and GstarCAD) as in the Desktop version it exists since its first version

The export processes carried out by means of this function, allow, as in any import/export process, to define parameters and options of the data sources, to transform coordinates if necessary, etc.

In the above videos you can review an example of the use of this new function in order to create a PostGIS database from different data sources (Shapefiles, KML, etc.). Please take a look at the videos

Learn more about Direct Export in the ‘Spatial Manager’ technical Wiki:

Note: Any Export functionality is available in the Professional editions only

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