Some days ago a new intermediate version of ‘Spatial Manager’ (v.6.3) was released. You can find some new features and improvements, as well as full compatibility with AutoCAD 2021, BricsCAD 21, ZWCAD 2021 and GstarCAD 2021. Please, review the news summary below Some of the new ‘Spatial Manager 6.3’ options

'Some of the new ‘Spatial Manager 6.3’ options

'Some of the new ‘Spatial Manager 6.3’ options

New features and improvements:

  • Transform the drawing Coordinate Reference System (CRS)
    • The SPMTRANSFORMCRS function has been completely redesigned in order to improve its effectiveness
      • In addition, the process no longer start from an empty template but the transformed drawing is an exact copy of the original but recalculating all the objetcs geometry
    • Now when transforming a DXF the resulting drawing is saved as DXF, not as DWG
  • Import / Export
    • A new tool has been added allowing to Export directly from one data source to another, without the need to import previously in your drawing to Export it later
    • File selection on Import/Export processes has been improved and new preset locations, new icons, etc. have been added
    • Now it is possible to manage resources and accesses, create Shortcuts and User Data Sources (UDS), etc. from the direct Import and Export windows
    • Now, if the option “Import only Features in the current view” is activated when Importing a table or Importing-all tables from any WFS server, the reading of elements from the server will be filtered and only those that fit that spatial filter will be downloaded (A great time and performance advantage)
    • The ASCII data provider default parameters have been modified so that now the separator is the comma and the decimal delimiter is the period (More standard in most industries)
    • The KML/KMZ data provider is updated in order to allow reading of elements belonging to custom schemes
    • Automation of creating a non-existent folder when executing a defined Export task to that folder has been included
  • Dynamic Background Maps
    • You can find a new option to Ignore or Invert the coordinate axes orientation for WMS and WMTS user Background Maps. This adds more compatibility with some servers
    • The image download method when capturing any Background Map has been improved
  • Coordinate systems
    • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 10.003
  • AutoCAD 2021, BricsCAD 21, ZWCAD 2021, GstarCAD 2021 compatible
  • … and more

Note: Some functionalities only apply to CAD versions, and some of them are only available in the Standard or Professional editions

Take a look at the application Changelogs in order to review the complete list of News, Improvements and Fixes in this version:· Spatial Manager for AutoCAD