Spatial Manager Desktop™ has many tools to exploit the information included in spatial Tables. One of these tools is the “Export data” function, which you can use to export the alphanumeric data in the Data grid

By exporting the alphanumeric data, it is possible to transfer the information associated with the spatial Features to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access, to carry out the analysis of this data, reports or graphic charts, etc.

In Spatial Manager Desktop ™, such export processes are done directly from the Data grid of a Layer in the Map, and the function to do it allows you to define the data to be exported and, in addition, some interesting export options , Using the “Export data” function you can:

– Export the data of a whole layer or only of the selected Features

– Select and sort the Fields to export

– Include the Field names in the table header when exporting

– Use a universal export format (CSV: comma / character separated values​​)

– Choose the Separator for the exported Fields in the outgoing file

In this example, which includes spatial information Layers in the Map of a city, you will have an Excel spreadsheet including data for all the Parcels located within the “C3” zone of the city, whose area values are greater than 20,000 square feet. In addition, some Fields in the Table will be excluded before beginning the export process

Finally, we want to create an image of the Map, to include in the Excel sheet, highlighting the selected Parcels by using a garish color in order to differentiate them, and define a graphic chart on the sheet itself which represents the area values of the Parcels

Please, watch the video: