Although the ‘Spatial Manager’ “Import-All” tool has already been discussed as part of a previous post in this Blog, it is important to review again this functionality, which allows you to easily launch unattended batch import processes

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Import-all tool - 'Spatial Manager'

Import-all tool – ‘Spatial Manager’

Located in the right-click menu of any folder in the application palette, this powerful tool will allow you to import at once any compatible geospatial files found in the folder

These batch processes have no limitation on the number of files to be imported or their size. Neither are they limited to importing files defined using the same Coordinate System, since the Coordinate Transformation functionality is activated automatically by considering the sources and target (drawing) reference data

Thanks to these advanced features, the tool allows you to simultaneously import as many files Shape (SHP), KML/KMZ (Google Earth), OpenStreetMap, GML, IMKL, CSV, GPX (GPS), etc., as you want to. In addition, you can also distribute their content in different Layers or Fill the polygonal objects for easy identification

Please, take a look at the above videos to see how “Import-all” works in a real city map sample

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