A new release of Spatial Manager Desktop™ (0.9.9 beta) and a new release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD (0.9.8 beta) were launched on March 27. Try them or update your applications

Spatial Manager Desktop™ product page or Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD product page

Check all news for these and previous releases in our Wiki: Spatial Manager Desktop™ Changelog or Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD Changelog

The period of beta testing is extended to May 31, 2014

Most important new features in Spatial Manager Desktop™:

  • Projecting Maps on the fly according to their coordinate system and the Layers coordinate system

  • Base maps (road, satellite, etc.) have been included as an option for the Map background

Stay tuned to this blog over the coming days; there will be some posts on these interesting new features