‘Spatial Manager’ (for AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ZWCAD) includes some little-known automations that make the everyday application tasks more comfortable. This article and the included videos review some of these little automatic assistances

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Little automation helps - Spatial Manager

Little automation helps – Spatial Manager

  1. Automatic assignment of the Coordinate System (CRS) to an unreferenced (no CRS assigned) drawing when importing from a source whose CRS is known. This simplifies the (likely) assignment of a CRS from the origin to the target
  2. If the drawing is empty, the import processes Zoom to the imported objects. So that you can easily locate them
  3. Automatic assignment of a projected Pseudo-Mercator CRS to the drawing when importing into an unreferenced drawing from Google Earth,  OpenStreetMap, GPX and others. These formats use a geographic CRS to store the spatial information, and the users are usually interested in getting projected spatial information into the drawings. This automation can be deactivated (read the next paragraph)
  4. In addition, in the previous import scenario, the “Transform Coordinates” option is also automatically activated. You can uncheck this option in the Importing Wizard. In this case, the automations #3 and #4 would be not effective but the automation #1 would be applied
  5. If the drawing is empty and unreferenced, when ‘SPMBGMAPSHOW’ is executed the application will assign the Background Map CRS to the drawing
  6. Automatic activation of the “Transform Coordinates” option while importing, if the drawing has any assigned CRS and the source has the CRS defined (or the user defines it while importing)
  7. Automatic mapping of appropriate data column names as X Y Z Coordinates when importing from user ASCII files. Many names, such as X, Lat, Longitude, H, etc. are considered valid

Automated XYZ columns selection

Automated XYZ columns selection

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