Shapefiles (SHP), despite being a standard in GIS, are files with a simple structure that do not support different types of graphic objects in a single file. This requires multiple export processes when you want to export Points, Lines, Polygons, etc. ‘Spatial Manager’ now allows you to run a single export process generating multiple SHP files depending on the object types to be exported

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New exporting Shapefile Multi-class feature in 'Spatial Manager'

New exporting Shapefile Multi-class feature in 'Spatial Manager'

As you can see in the image below, the SHP (Shapefile) ‘Spatial Manager’ data provider parameters window now allows you to choose the new “Automatic” option for the geometry type. This means that the application will automatically create the files needed to export all the selected objects in a single process

The following files will be automatically generated:

  • SHPName_point.* for Point objects (Points, Blocks, Texts, etc.)
  • SHPName_multipoint.* for Point object collections
  • SHPName_line.* for Linear objects (Lines, Polylines, Arcs, Circles, etc.)
  • SHPName_polygon.* for Polygonal objects (Closed Polyline, Hatches, etc.)
SHP data provider new 'Automatic' geometry type option

SHP data provider new 'Automatic' geometry type option

Only the file(s) required to complete the export process will be created. That is, if for example there are no linear objects to export, the “line” file will not be generated. At the end of the export, the application will warn you about how many SHP files have been generated in the process. If only one Shapefile has to be created because all exported geometries are of the same type, no suffix is generated for the file name

The above videos will show you how to use this new feature when exporting Multi-class Shapefiles. Please check out them

Learn more about Export functions in the ‘Spatial Manager’ technical Wiki:

Note: In CAD versions, full Export functionality is available in the Professional Edition only

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