Ever more basic AutoCAD users, working in sectors such as architecture, engineering, or landscaping,, need access to spatial data as a base or complement to their own designs and projects

Often such data is housed in corporate spatial data servers. Most applications which enable you to import spatial data in AutoCAD, only allow you to import this data from files, but do not provide you with access to spatial data servers

Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD includes this functionality, applying the same ease of use that can be seen when importing spatial data from files. Its exclusive data providers and the application design itself, in which the development layers of the data providers are separate from the application, allow you to connect, access and import spatial data from PostGIS servers, MS SQL Server Spatial servers, WFS data stores and many others, which are currently under development

In this example, you can analyze how to access a PostGIS server, and their schemas, and to import data from various tables of a schema, using the same import options as if it were imported from spatial files

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