A new release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD (1.0.3) including support for OpenStreetMap PBF files in the OSM data provider, was launched on October 27. Try it or update your application

See Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD product page to know more about the application, and check all news for this and previous releases in our Wiki Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD Changelog

Some interesting new features

– The OpenStreetMap data provider can now also import PBF files

– New AutoCAD ribbon for the application which includes its main commands:

  • Palette (SPM): opens and/or displays the application palette

* Help (SPMHELP): shows the application help (Wiki format) (New command)

* Updates (SPMUPDATE): checks if there is a new application release to be downloaded from Internet (New command)

* Information (SPMABOUT): shows basic information about the application and the installed release

* Options (SPMOPTIONS): set of parameters to configure the application (New command)

Spatial Manager for AutoCAD - OpenStreeMap PBF files

OpenStreetMap PBF files

Spatial Manager OSM Topo - OpenStreetMap PBF files

The OpenStreetMap data provider in Spatial Manager now supports PBF files. The PBF Format (Protocolbuffer Binary Format) is primarily intended as an alternative to the XML format. It is about half of the size of an OSM gzipped file. It is also about 6x faster to read. The format was designed to support future extensibility and flexibility in OpenStreetMap

You can now import spatial data in AutoCAD from OpenStreetMap up to 20 times faster