The new version (2.2.0) of the Spatial Manager™ products has been released today, and it comes full of interesting innovations. Try it or update your applications

MAY15 – New releases. “TASKS” technology and many more

The “Tasks” technology, already included in Spatial Manager Desktop™, has now been built into Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD and Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD. A “Task” is the way you can save any import process and its parameters

Many times the processes of importing tables from files, servers or data stores into your drawings are executed on a regular basis and sometimes these processes require the introduction of several more or less complex parameters of the data source and of the importing process itself, defining a coordinate transformation between the origin and target (drawing), etc.

Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD and Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD brings to you the concept of “Task”, which allows you to store all needed operations and parameters for any import process of spatial information. Once this data is saved as a “Task”, you can then run it from the “Task Manager” whenever you need

· You can access “Tasks” through the “Task manager” panel in the “SpatialManager” palette

· Create new “Tasks” using the well-known import wizard. You do not need to learn new functions

· Execute one or more “Tasks” by selecting them in the “Task manager” using the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys and execute them. They will run one by one and import all the incoming objects in the current drawing

· Sort by source, rename or delete “Tasks”

Note: Tasks are available on the “Professional” editions only

Please, watch this preview video to learn more about “Tasks”:

More new functions or improvements can be found in this version:

· **Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD / Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD

** *** New SPMSETCRS function to assign a coordinate reference system to the drawing

*** Automatic assignation of the drawing coordinate system when a new table is imported

*** Automatic assignation of the exported objects coordinate system based on the drawing coordinate system

*** Support for Hyperlinks in the “Properties” area of the application palette

*** Transform by default the objects incoming from geographic coordinate systems (like Google Earth or OpenStreetMap) in order to get projected maps

*** New language added to the application: Portuguese (Brazil)

· **Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD only

** *** Option to select “Polygons” (MPolygons) as the type of object to use when importing polygons (available for all compatible Autodesk products – even on basic AutoCAD – except for any v.2010 product)**

** *** The application now supports AutoCAD 2016 and other Autodesk 2016 products

· Spatial Manager Desktop™

*** Optionally you can convert the coordinates of ASCII Points in data of the features

*** Now you can select multiple tasks using CTRL and/or SHIFT in the Task Manager and then execute all of them

*** Has been added support for nested relative links in KML/KMZ files

· And many more…

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