It is very common to have spatial information sources where it is necessary to visualize, organize and stylize quickly. One of the most common formats for this kind of information is often Esri Shapefiles (SHP) because of their high level of diffusion

Spatial Manager Desktop™ includes interesting tools to perform these tasks because their development is optimized in the application providing the users with maximum flexibility and ease of use. Using Spatial Manager Desktop™, SHP files (and many others) can be loaded directly from Windows Explorer, without having to define complex data connections, and also to be dragged and dropped into a Workspace within the application (not only a single file but multiple files simultaneously!).

Once these files are loaded into a Spatial Manager Desktop™ Map, which can be saved for future use, you can easily perform the following:

  • Sort the relative positions for the different layers that have been created in the Map
  • Stylize the layers using basic but effective style systems
  • Query data from each Feature through their tooltips on the Map or from the Data grid of the application

This video shows operations performed with various SHP files, which contain spatial information about a municipality, as well as additional exploitation tools that allow quick printing of uploaded files or the re-use of this information in CAD ​​applications.

Please, watch the video: