One of the powerful import options available in ‘Spatial Manager’ (CAD versions: AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and GstarCAD), allows to Label the objects as they are imported using Text objects, but, what to do if the graphic objects already exist in the drawing? This post discusses additional settings for this interesting tool

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'Spatial Manager' advanced Label options

'Spatial Manager' advanced Label options

In the above videos an example is shown about a drawing which includes Buildings, Roads and Streets, and the required options to Label these existing objects from data coming from any kind of geospatial source

Here you wild find the option “Insert only the labels and omit the objetcs” that will allow you to insert Labels coming from any data field of the geospatial source to be imported but avoiding inserting again the geometries of the objects, which are already in the drawing. We will label the buildings Category and Height, and the Classification and number of Lanes for the roads

In this example you will also find how to use other options to Mask the resulting Labels in order to improve their readability, to get the appropriate Text alignments or to Label repeatedly along linear objects, such as Streets or Roads

And what can we do if the Labels we are interested in belong to geometrical data (Lengths, Areas, etc.) or properties (Layer, Color, etc.) of the objects in the drawing? Through a simple process of Export and Import-only-labels will be able to achieve this. We recommend that you take a look at this other Blog post in which this process is analyzed

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Learn more about Importing and Labeling in the ‘Spatial Manager’ technical Wiki: