The community of geospatial information OpenStreetMap (OSM) is diverse and grows every day. Its contributors include map designers and map users, GIS professionals, engineers who control the servers, etc., working around the world

The OpenStreetMap data servers’ organization allows you free access to a rich and permanently updated source of territorial spatial data. Besides its own community websites, there are many other sites devoted to extracting territorial information organized by continents, countries, cities, areas, etc., which may include the segregation of data according to the different types of information

Spatial Manager Desktop™ includes its own data provider to access OpenStreetMap information, which allows you, not only to integrate it into their Maps merged with other spatial data sources , but also to use it in manual or automatic (by defining Tasks) export or convert processes

In this example, by using the search and navigation tools in the main OpenStreetMap website, we locate the spatial information relating to a given city and the search process is focused on a specific area of the city. Then, from this website, the information is exported to an OSM file which will be used in Spatial Manager Desktop™ to export (or to convert) this OpenStreetMap information to other formats

Finally we export the buildings in the chosen area to a Shapefile (SHP) and we load it into a new Map. We also configure the application to perform a Coordinate Transformation to project the Features over the conversion process (OpenStreetMap information is defined using the WGS 84 Latitude-Longitude system – EPSG: 4326)

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