‘Spatial Manager’ 8 - Thematics, Geo-coding and more

New version 8 of ‘Spatial Manager’ has been released and it comes plenty of new functions and improvements, that will allow you to be much more productive in the development of any project, analysis or work related to territorial and... more

ZWCAD 2023 ready - Spatial Manager 7.1

The recently released version 7.1 of ‘Spatial Manager’ is the first one compatible with ZWCAD 2023. This update adds this compatibility and some minor improvements and fixes to the version 7, one of the biggest technical developments in the application’s... more

Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 2023 compatible

The latest ‘Spatial Manager’ version (7.0.4) has been recently released. In addition to some fixes and minor changes or improvements, this release is ‘AutoCAD 2023’ compatible. Download it and enjoy from today the enhancements and new functions included in ‘AutoCAD... more

V.7.0.4 - New CAD compatibilities

An intermediate version of ‘Spatial Manager’ (v.7.0.4) compatible with the latest available CAD versions (see below) has been released. It also includes some minor fixes and improvements. Download this latest application version (*) to enjoy all its features in any... more

Accessing user Datasets (NL PDOK sample)

In this post we will review the tools provided by ‘Spatial Manager’ for accessing geographic dataset services, both imagery and vector. This example will use some of the datasets provided by PDOK (Netherlands), where you can find open government data... more

Using custom Grid files

Many ‘Spatial Manager’ functions (Import, Export, Background Maps, etc.) can automatically perform a process of coordinates Transformation from the source to the target as part of the sequence executed by these functions. That means that the application will calculate a... more