The ASCII data provider supplied with ‘Spatial Manager’ allows you to Import/Export geospatial data from/to CSV, XYZ, TXT, ASC, NEZ, UPT, etc. files, and with very little added work, it is also valid for Excel, Access, etc. files. It has now been enhanced in order to preview the file contents and the configured provider parameters in a Tabular form

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Spatial Manager ASCII data provider Table preview

Spatial Manager ASCII data provider Table preview

In addition to preserving the option to preview the contents of the “raw” file, this new option to preview the Table will make it easier to configure any of the options that you can find in this powerful data provider

In addition, the option of considering several consecutive data delimiters as one has been included. So, for example, if “space” is the chosen delimiter, the successive spaces which separate two data will be considered as only one

In the above videos you can see how this new options work through the example of importing a points CSV file (Hydrants in a city), in which you will also see other advanced import options, such as the use of Block with Attributes, which will take their values from data columns in the CSV file. Please, take a look

Learn more about Importing or Loading data in the ‘Spatial Manager’ technical Wiki:

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