Scenario #3: We need to join multiple roads Shapefiles (SHP) and be able to open this information in AutoCAD

Spatial Manager™ software is not designed to compete with most of the existing GIS applications on the market. It really is a complementary tool for managing spatial data quickly, easily and inexpensively. Therefore, many users, including GIS applications users, consider it extremely practical and they use it on a daily basis

Despite the powerful tools included in traditional GIS applications (ArcGIS and others), professionals using spatial data on their projects, maps or any task related to the territory, constantly need to check, extract, simplify or transfer their spatial data to other users

If you still do not use Spatial Manager™, discover a top quality and easy to use software. See how many processes which are necessary in the daily management of your spatial information, can be carried out by the functionality included in the application in a flexible and practical way:

Scenario #3__: We need to join multiple roads Shapefiles (SHP) and be able to open this information in AutoCAD

We can load those files in Spatial Manager Desktop™, by dragging them from the Windows explorer to select all loaded Features and export them to a DXF file, which we can open in AutoCAD

If we need to get a separate layer in AutoCAD for each file, we can to export every Shapefile (SHP) to a separate DXF file or import them in AutoCAD if we have a Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD license, as we will see in the last seconds of the video

Please, watch the video: