First commercial versions of various Spatial Manager™ suite products have been released on June 1, 2014. All the products will include a limited free trial version from now on

After several months of the product development under beta versions, tested by many enthusiast users, Spatial Manager Desktop™ 1.0 and Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD 1.0 offers a set of powerful tools to thousands of professionals who need to manage their spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way

We wish to thank everyone here for the inputs and suggestions provided by the users of the beta versions, which have greatly contributed to enable the launch of the commercial products

The commercial versions of the products come to market in various Editions, offering each user the best value for money, and you can obtain discounts by purchasing more items of the same product through the same purchasing process

The Spatial Manager™ website and the Spatial Manager™ wiki have been refurbished to allow you access to the new commercial versions (or to the trial versions) and to any information concerning the purchase and installation of the products and their licenses

Spatial Manager - Buy page

Note: the prices and products shown in this image MAY CHANGE and they are displayed only as an example

The following links may be useful for you:

· To find out more about the products and their Editions: go to the new “Product” pages for Spatial Manager Desktop™ or Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD

· To download any application product: go to the refurbished “Download” page (any downloaded free trial version becomes a commercial version when you apply a valid license to it)

· To purchase licenses of any product Edition (application or support): go to the new “Prices” page

· To find out more about the free trial versions, licensing or extending the applications support: go to the new “Licenses” wiki pages for Spatial Manager Desktop™ or Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD __

Please feel free to consult us with any questions or issues you may have with the purchasing, installation, activation, deactivation or transfer processes (