The diverse sources of global spatial data available nowadays provide extensive opportunities to get territorial information, which can complement generic drawings or maps. One such source is Google Earth

Many planners and other map makers need to add specific information to their spatial layouts in order to complete projects, plans or maps. Within Google Earth it is possible to locate a large amount of this type of information, which can be incorporated into the cartography generated and maintained using CAD ​​applications such as AutoCAD

The Google Earth KML/KMZ provider included in Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD, and the built-in functionality of the application itself, allow you to carry out these tasks easily and quickly

In this example, over the map of a city drawn in AutoCAD (Milan), we need to add locator objects pointing to the main hospitals in the city. We use a little known Google Earth tool which allows us to save a KML file including the cartographic features located through a specific search

To represent these locators inside the AutoCAD drawing, a simple AutoCAD Block will be used. The Block definition incorporates an Attribute for the name of the hospitals

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