The recently released ‘Spatial Manager for AutoCAD’ version 3.3.2 adds AutoCAD 2018 (and other Autodesk 2018 products) compatibility. Try it today

If  you need to import/export spatial or GIS data into/from AutoCAD 2008 to 2018 (*), and many other tools to manage spatial data, such as publishing to Google Earth, transformation of coordinates, background base maps, alphanumeric data tables, filtering, layer thematics, automatic labeling, etc.,  ‘Spatial Manager for AutoCAD’ is the best solution for you

(*) And other related Autodesk products

Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 2018 compatible

Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 2018 compatible

In addition, you will find some other improvements in the version 3.3.2:

  • New command SPMBGMAPIMAGEPURGE that allows you to delete “orphan” image tiles and perform some other Background Maps cleaning operations
  • CRS codes are is displayed in addition to the name in the CRSs selection dropdown
  • Field Selection lists are now sorted alphabetically at any time
  • Integration with the ‘Nearmap’ Background Maps
  • ‘AutoCAD Architecture’ objects partially supported
  • Fields for the type/subtypes optionally added when importing from OpenStreetMap
  • and more…