A new release of Spatial Manager Desktop™ (1.0.4) including OpenStreetMap background maps was launched on October 3. Try it or update your application

See Spatial Manager Desktop™ product page to know more about the application, and check all news for this and previous releases in our Wiki Spatial Manager Desktop™ Changelog

Some important new features

· Twelve new background maps based on the information of OpenStreetMap were added

· All background maps are now loaded under any circumstances

· A new possibility of using non-perpetual licenses has been included

OpenStreetMap background maps

OpenStreetMap background maps - Spatial Manager

The new background maps:

· MapQuest

· MapQuest Aerial (high res. only for USA)

· Cycling

· Public transport

· Landscape

· Outdoor activities

· Terrain (USA only)

· Altimetry (USA only)

· Black and white

· Black and White lite

· Black and White background

· Watercolor