New releases (1.0.5) of Spatial Manager ™ for AutoCAD and Spatial Manager ™ for BricsCAD were launched some days ago. Try them or update your applications

MAR15 – New releases. EXPORT and many more

· EXPORT!: at the same time that these new releases were launched, the new ‘Professional’ edition of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD and Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD comes to the market including the capability of exporting from AutoCAD or BricsCAD drawings to Google Earth (KML or KMZ), Shapefiles (SHP), Points (many formats), MapInfo, PostGIS, SQL Server, SQLite, and many more geospatial targets (see here the full targets list)

*** New SPMEXPORT command

*** Exports objects from the drawing to spatial files or databases

*** Saves Extended Entity Data (EED/XDATA) as alphanumeric data tables

*** Export Wizard: choose or select the export parameters

*** Transform coordinates in line when exporting

*** The application uses its own data providers in the export processes

*** Choose between exporting the selected objects, the objects in a layer or the whole drawing

*** Review and editing the selected objects in order to export the appropriate geometries

*** Option to treat the closed polylines as polygons

*** Filtering of incompatible objects (such as complex 3D objects),

*** Adds more possibilities of manipulating databases directly from the application

*** You can review all the Export possibilities and watch various sample videos here: Export post

MAR15 - New release

Click on the image to expand it and review the new Export function on this edition

Moreover, in these versions you will find:

· New SPMIMPORT command to directly open the import wizard without having the Palette open

· New parameter in order to ignore the Z coordinate for all imported objects (flatten drawing)

· New user interface components to include the new and modified command and options

· Optionally convert in data of the coordinate values of the Points when importing

· Many improvements on the Windows and processes of the  Transformation of coordinates

· And many more…

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Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD product page
Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD product page

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