Accesing Spatial Data in CAD

This time we are sharing an article published on the blog “Taking the Challenge Out of Field Data Collection“, which develops a complete analysis about how Spatial Manager™ provides users with everything they need to add geospatial functionality to CADThe author of the... more

MAY15 – New releases. The powerful “Tasks” come in

The new version (2.2.0) of the Spatial Manager™ products has been released today, and it comes full of interesting innovations. Try it or update your applications MAY15 – New releases. “TASKS” technology and many more The “Tasks” technology, already included in Spatial Manager Desktop™, has now been... more

Choose 3D or 2D when importing

A set of objects imported by applying its coordinate Z=0 leads to a “flat” map which allows us often to perform operations that are more “uncomfortable” when using 3D maps: 2D references, measurements of distances in the plane, etc. ... more

Point coordinates also as data fields

There are many situations where it may be interesting to include the values of the geometric coordinates of Points as alphanumeric data, added to some other personal data of the Points. The Spatial Manager™ ASCII Points data provider includes this option... more

‘Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD’ 2016 compatible

The next April release of Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD will include Autodesk 2016 products compatibility. Stay tuned to this blog Do you need to import / export spatial or GIS data into / from AutoCAD 2008 to 2016 (and other related Autodesk products)? Spatial Manager™ for... more

MAR15 – New releases (EXPORT and many more)

New releases (1.0.5) of Spatial Manager ™ for AutoCAD and Spatial Manager ™ for BricsCAD were launched some days ago. Try them or update your applications MAR15 – New releases. EXPORT and many more · EXPORT!: at the same time that these new releases were launched,... more