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'Spatial Manager' includes many import options to get cartographic and spatial data organized, structured, labeled, filtered and customized from various sources. This post analyses the options for separating by layers not only the imported elements but also the texts that come from their attached data. You will see the advanced use of Blocks when importing in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD or GstarCAD

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'Spatial Manager' (AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD) provides a wide range of tools that allow you to stylize the imported graphic objects in order to quickly identify different events or conditions using different colors, symbols, patterns, etc. What is commonly known as a "Thematic Map", can be easily produced when importing spatial data by applying these tools

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The project OpenStreetMap is considered a prominent example of volunteered geographic information and has become the "Wikipedia" of spatial and territorial information. It gives you free access to tons of geo-spatial data, and 'Spatial Manager' allows you to import it to Maps (Desktop) and drawings of Maps (AutoCAD and BricsCAD) in a filtered and controlled way

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