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  • Windows desktop application
  • Read and write spatial data using a wide range of file formats and spatial servers
  • Transform geometries between CRSs
  • Publish maps to Google Earth
  • Background base maps. User maps
  • Easily create and print maps
  • Use Tasks to automate any import and export process
  • Lightweight, easy and powerful
  • Powerful plugins for the most popular CAD applications
  • Import/Export: CAD objects from/to geospatial files, servers and stores
  • Publish drawings to Google Earth
  • Import-all from a folder in one go. Batch import
  • Background maps & snapshots. User maps: WMS, WMTS, ...
  • Read & write data tables using XDATA. Viewer and Editor included
  • Queries, Thematics and Data structure management
  • Transform geometries and maps between Coordinate Systems on the fly
  • Save Tasks to replay processes
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