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'Spatial Manager' for CAD applications (AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD) will enable you to perform territorial analysis processes based on the geographic objects by using selection tools and Properties of the graphic objects themselves. For a great amount of these processes you will not need to generate topologies or calculate complex topological operations

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Users who create, manage or analyse geospatial data and territorial information are aware of the importance of data attached to graphic elements. This information allows you to jump from simple cartographic plans to a data set that reflects real-world objects. Whether surveyor, civil engineer, landscape architect, facilities engineer or urban planner, the new 'Spatial Manager' Data Grid for CAD will become an essential tool for you

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Scenario #2: We receive a set of spatial data including parcels (inside a Shapefile-SHP) and some hydrants (inside a KML file) belonging to a city. We need to generate a KML file which includes the parcels that have no assigned street name ("Not_assigned") and the hydrants located within these parcels, to send it to another user who will open the KML file in Google Earth (Time spent: 3 min.) Read more