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Inside one of the most important 'Spatial Manager' functionalities, the Import/Export of geospatial data, has recently been included a new option in order to exporting directly from a data source to any other target. This new function avoids the previous import to a drawing and later export of objects from this drawing, which allows you to process fast exports and simplifies the generation of databases from various geospatial data sources

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Shapefiles (SHP), despite being a standard in GIS, are files with a simple structure that do not support different types of graphic objects in a single file. This requires multiple export processes when you want to export Points, Lines, Polygons, etc. 'Spatial Manager' now allows you to run a single export process generating multiple SHP files depending on the object types to be exported

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Although you can find several examples in this Blog where you can see how to export 3D objects to Google Earth basing their altitudes on an attached data or on their constant Z elevation, you can also export native 3D objects (such as Polylines or Lines in CAD versions). The case study reviewed in this Blog entry illustrates a very common scenario

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