Base maps as Map backgrounds

Using base maps (roads, aerial, etc.) from imagery providers allows, not only the composition of more attractive Maps in mapping applications, but also the use of these base images as a practical reference system or a powerful tool for checking on the Maps

Spatial_Manager_Base_MapsThe Maps background technology in Spatial Manager Desktop™ includes, in addition to the solid background color, access to base maps downloaded from the appropriate imagery provider, performing automatic re-calculation of the image grids in the Map. All functions relating to viewing, printing or copying Maps, consider the configured background for a correct representation of these Maps

In the following example, we will use some Bing maps, integrated into the application, as Map backgrounds in a sample Map, and, in addition to the changes between the base maps, you will see how the image grids are re-calculated according to the different scales of the Map

Please, watch the video: