Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 2021 compatible

April 03, 2020

Announcement, for AutoCAD /

The spring ‘Spatial Manager’ version (6.1) has been recently released. In addition to other interesting new features, this release is ‘AutoCAD 2021’ compatible. Download it and enjoy from today the enhancements and new functions included in ‘AutoCAD 2021’ and ‘Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 6.1’

Import / export spatial or GIS data into/from AutoCAD (2008 to 2021) (*), and experience the advanced tools to manage spatial data, such as dynamic background maps, quick drawing publishing in Google Earth, the new search location function, data structures and data grid, queries, layer thematics, automatic labeling, terrains, contours, etc.

(*) And other related Autodesk products

Importing Google Earth images and '*.geprint' files in AutoCAD 2021 (click to enlarge)

Importing Google Earth images and ‘*.geprint’ files in AutoCAD 2021 (click to enlarge)

New Terrain options in 'Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 6.1' (click to enlarge)

New Terrain options in ‘Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 6.1’ (click to enlarge)


New features and improvements:


  • Search locations
    • New command SPMSEARCHLOCATION that allows to geo-locate in the drawing postal addresses, streets, neighborhoods or other geographical objects
  • Import / Export

    • Import of raster images saved in Google Earth in conjunction with the Print File *.geprint (see the above image)
    • The Shapefiles data provider now enables multi-class export by automatically creating the necessary SHP and add-on files based on the exported object types
  • Terrains
    • In the Terrain wizard, it is now possible to get the elevation values of selected Points or Blocks with Z=0 from online services
    • Also in the Terrain Wizard, it is now possible to select the measurement unit of the Elevations (Z) downloaded from the elevation service (see the above image)
  • Background Maps
    • Now, when configuring a WMS or WMTS User Background Map, if the service only includes one layer it is automatically selected
    • New versions of preset MapBox Background Maps. MapBox group has been rearranged
  • Setup
    • Proxy server configuration has been extended to apply to any access from the application to the Internet
  • Coordinate systems
    • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 9.8.6
  • … and more

Note: Some functionalities are only available in the Standard or Professional editions