Spatial Manager for GstarCAD released

November 08, 2020

Announcement, for GstarCAD /

One of the most user-rated geospatial data management and GIS applications in CAD and CAD/GIS environments has been implemented in the GstarCAD software system. From now on, this version is added to those already available for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD and the stand-alone Desktop version . This post is an initial review of some of the features you will find in ‘Spatial Manager for GstarCAD’ official

Import/export spatial or GIS data into/from GstarCAD 2018 to 2021 (*), and experience the advanced tools to manage spatial data, such as dynamic Background Maps, drawing Coordinate System transformations, quick drawing publishing in Google Earth, data structures and data grid, queries, layer thematics, automatic labeling, Terrains, Search for locations, etc.

(*) And other related Gstarsoft products and languages

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'Spatial Manager for GstarCAD' Import wizard and Datagrid (click to enlarge)

‘Spatial Manager for GstarCAD’ Import wizard and Datagrid (click to enlarge)

'Spatial Manager for GstarCAD' Background Maps (click to enlarge)

‘Spatial Manager for GstarCAD’ Background Maps (click to enlarge)


Download ‘Spatial Manager for GstarCAD’ and enjoy the superb possibilities provided by these applications tandem for any user engaged in the development and analysis of spatial information, planning, civil engineering, surveying, architecture, supplies, etc.

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