Spatial Filter parameter in Tasks

The Tasks in ‘Spatial Manager’ allow you to store import processes so that they can be repeated multiple times without having to re-enter all the parameters and options of these processes. This post examines one of these options, that of spatial filtering of objects, and how it can be used in import Tasks

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'Spatial Manager' spatial Filter in Tasks (click to enlarge)

‘Spatial Manager’ spatial Filter in Tasks (click to enlarge)

When you carry out any import process, either from the main application palette or from the direct Import function, it is possible to execute it and/or save it as a Task in order to be able to execute it as many times as desired

A Task stores the import source, along with the corresponding data provider’s own parameters, the options and parameters of the Import process itself, the applied Coordinate System Transformation, etc.

The Task manager, a tab in the main application palette, allows the user to manage, sort and execute saved Tasks on any drawing keeping identical Import processes to those defined when the Task was saved

'Spatial Manager' Tasks manager (click to enlarge)

‘Spatial Manager’ Tasks manager (click to enlarge)

One (or several) executed Task(s) will clone import processes including the state of a sometimes forgotten option such as the “Import only Features in the current view”, which acts as a spatial filter of objects because only those included totally or partially in the current view will be imported and the remaining ones will be ignored. In this way, and as you can see in the videos above, if we need to import objects from a geospatial source into different map areas, we can save a Task with this option activated and modify the import target area on the drawing by simply modifying the current view of the drawing

Please take a look at the videos, and you can find other posts in this Blog referring to the use of Import Tasks, such as “Batch Import”, in which you can see how to execute several import Tasks simultaneously in order to achieve “Batch Import processes”


Note: Tasks functionality can be found in the Professional Editions only


Learn more about Importing Tasks in the ‘Spatial Manager’ technical Wiki: