NEW VERSION: We have released Spatial Manager for GstarCAD version 7. Check out the new features here

The power of CAD/GIS in GstarCAD

Spatial Manager for GstarCAD is a powerful GstarCAD plug-in developed for users who need to import, export, transform and manage spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way

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Create Terrains and other related objects (3D Points, Contours, etc.) from 3D data or from Elevation services

The Spatial Manager™ for GstarCAD Terrain wizard allows to the GstarCAD users create Terrains and other related objects (3D Points, Contours, etc.) from 3D data (Points, Meshes, etc.) or from online Elevation services

Customize Contours (2D or 3D, parametric Labeling, etc.), choose advanced options in the 3D creation processes, etc.

3D Points

Use Points or Blocks selected in the drawing or built from Elevation service providers in any selected area. You can also use already generated terrain as source 3D geometrie

2D or 3D Contours

Create minor and major Contours, label Contour altitudes, separate in different Layers and different color models. Optional attached Data Tables will include Contour elevation values and types

3D Terrains

3D models generation using 3D Meshes or other CAD/BIM objects from the selected 3D objects

Automatic image projection and fitting of any Background Map (preset or user-configured) on one or more Terrains in their actual location

Resources and Information

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Current compatible GstarCAD applications:
  • GstarCAD
  • Standard, Professional and Educational editions
  • Versions: From v.2018 to v.2021 both included
System requirements:
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 100 MB free disk space, or more
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or later
Spatial files
  • Esri Shape file - (SHP)
  • Google Earth file - (KML, KMZ)
  • OpenStreetMap file - (OSM, PBF) (1)
  • LiDAR file - (LAS, LAZ) (1)
  • GPS exchange format file - (GPX)
  • Esri ASCII Grid file - (ASC, ASCII) (1)
  • ASCII text file - (ASC, CSV, NEZ, TXT, XYZ, UPT)
  • SQLite file - (SQLITE, DB)
  • GeoPackage file - (GPKG) (1)
  • GML file - (GML, GZ, XML)
  • Raster image file - (TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF) (1)
  • Autodesk SDF file - (SDF) (3)
  • MicroStation v.7 file - (DGN) (2)
  • AutoCAD DXF file - (DXF) (2)
  • Esri ArcInfo export file (ASCII) - (E00) (1) (2)
  • MapInfo file - (TAB) (2)
  • MapInfo interchange format file - (MIF/MID) (2)
  • GeoJSON file - (GEO.JSON) (1) (2)

Spatial raster files
  • Raster image file - (TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF) (1)
    • Georeference sources - (GeoTIFF, World files, Google Earth .GEPRINT, etc.)

Spatial data servers
  • PostGIS database
  • Microsoft SQL Server Spatial database
  • MySQL database (1) (3)

Image map servers
  • WMS Web Map Services (4)
  • WMTS Web Map Tile Services (4)
  • XYZ/TMS Tile Map Services (4)

Other spatial data sources
  • Open Database Connectivity ODBC (1)
  • WFS data store (1)
  • WFS data store (FDO) (1) (3) (5)
  • WFS data store (OGR) (1) (2) (5)

(1) Read-only
(2) OGR data source
(3) FDO provider (May not be available on GstarCAD 32-bit)
(4) Background Maps technology
(5) DEPRECATED - Whenever possible use the native WFS data provider

Note: certain data Providers are only valid for some Editions of the application