Label objects in GstarCAD Updated V9

Label data values from tables attached to the objects as Texts in GstarCAD

Spatial Manager™ for GstarCAD allows you to create text labels in the drawing from selected objects on the drawing or map. The selection of objects can be diverse: manual, by query or by table

Within the labeling parameters you can choose options such as the field of the table to be labeled, labeling style (font type, text height, justification and text rotation, ...), as well as the destination layer and applying random colors to new layers

Data source for labeling

You can select which object attached Table/Data Field is the one you want to use as a source to label it

Labeling style

When labeling you can set values ​​such as':' font type, text height, justification or rotation. You can also mask the texts to distinguish them from other elements of the drawing

Objects selection to Label

You can select all objects in the drawing, or select them manually, by query, by table or by layer

Multiline text Labels

Properties containing line breaks are created automatically as MText objects

Use of multiple fields and properties New V9

You can select as many alphanumeric fields and element properties as you wish. In addition you can set a unique style for each of these fields

Resources and Information

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Current compatible GstarCAD applications:
  • Versions: From v.2018 to v.2025 both included
  • Editions: Standard, Professional and Educational
System requirements:
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 500 MB free disk space, or more
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or later
Spatial files
  • Esri Shape file - (SHP)
  • Google Earth file - (KML, KMZ)
  • OpenStreetMap file - (OSM, PBF, OSC) (1)
  • LiDAR file - (LAS, LAZ)
  • GPS exchange format file - (GPX)
  • Esri ASCII Grid file - (ASC, ASCII) (1)
  • ASCII text file - (ASC, CSV, NEZ, TXT, XYZ, UPT)
  • SQLite file - (SQLITE, DB)
  • GeoPackage file - (GPKG) (1)
  • GML file - (GML, GZ, XML)
  • Raster image file - (TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF) (1)
  • Autodesk SDF file - (SDF) (3)
  • MicroStation v.7 file - (DGN) (2)
  • AutoCAD DXF file - (DXF) (2)
  • Esri ArcInfo export file (ASCII) - (E00) (1) (2)
  • MapInfo file - (TAB) (2)
  • MapInfo interchange format file - (MIF/MID) (2)
  • GeoJSON file - (GEO.JSON)

Spatial raster files
  • Raster image file - (TIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF) (1)
    • Georeference sources - (World files, Google Earth .GEPRINT, etc.)
  • Variable resolution Raster image file - (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF/COG TIFF) (1) (4)

Spatial data servers and Geo-databases
  • Esri Geodatabase File - (GDB) (1)
  • PostGIS database
  • Microsoft SQL Server Spatial database
  • MySQL database (1) (3)

Image map servers
  • WMS Web Map Services (4)
  • WMTS Web Map Tile Services (4)
  • XYZ/TMS Tile Map Services (4)

Other spatial data sources
  • Open Database Connectivity ODBC (1)
  • WFS data store (1)
  • WFS data store (FDO) (1) (3) (5)
  • WFS data store (OGR) (1) (2) (5)

(1) Read-only
(2) OGR data source
(3) FDO provider (May not be available on GstarCAD 32-bit)
(4) Background Maps technology
(5) DEPRECATED - Whenever possible use the native WFS data provider

Note: certain data Providers are only valid for some Editions of the application
  • We process a personalized analysis of each case, so some types of advanced licenses are not offered directly on the web store. Please contact to indicating your needs and we will send you a customized quote